Role of the Government

How involved should the government be in daily lives, like our careers? It is a hundred year discussion that is now being called into question. Politicians tend to misrepresent statistics to add to their ethical appeal in arguments. However, the facts are usually inaccurate. There are some factors that some studies fail to include. So, should the government be able to be involved in our economic choices even though their sources have proven to be unreliable?


For example, they Paycheck Fairness Act would allow women or other ethnic minorities to have easier access to lawsuits if they feel they are being discriminated against. Obama claims that a woman makes 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. This study, however, leaves out other factors like experience, work hours, qualification, and other things of the sorts. This law is particularly hard to pass because the House of Representatives is made up of republicans, which disapprove of the act. It has caused conflict between democrats and republicans. Republicans believe that how much they pay their own women staff is hypocritical. Congressman Garner, in return voted to block the Paycheck Fairness Act. Mark Udall, his opponent, will in turn be subject to harsh judgement for underpaying his women staff.

If this law were to pass, women would have greater opportunities in the work field. As other things, this would affect the economy in various ways. However, this law only affects federal employers. This could increase women’s political status and power. In conclusion, not only women’s rights would increase, but also the level of democratic power.

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